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Baroreceptor Collar


  • Dimensions:

    • 39" L x 28" H x 24" W (~130 lbs)


  • Fully automated with independent neck suction & neck pressure

  • Highly repeatable pressure and vacuum set points

    • + / - 50 mmHg​

  • Rapid transition times between pressure and suction​

  • Adjustable collars

    • Rigid fiberglass structure

    • Form designed to seal completely just below jaw line

    • Inside padding and ratcheting straps allow for accommodation of a broad range of participant sizes

    • Two neck collars for variable participant sizes

  • Stand alone pump and control circuitry housing

    • High speed motors for rapid positive and negative pressure changes

    • Equipped with casters for easy movement

    • Standard 110V power requirements

    • Front access analog outputs for vacuum and pressure outputs

The Baroreceptor Collar is used to investigate autonomic nervous system research questions as it provides a non-invasive method of stimulating carotid sinus baroreceptors via oscillatory neck pressure and/or neck suction. The Technavance Solution incorporates three-stage vacuum motors, high-flow solenoid valves and piezo-resistance pressure sensors to provide a fully-automated research platform for such investigations. The system’s user-friendly software enables researchers to fully-customize neck pressure / neck suction test protocols, which can be triggered manually or via a third-party ECG. Repeatable transitions between pre-defined pressure and suction set points are easily and automatically achieved using the system’s proprietary control electronics. Results can be exported from the software or fed directly into third-party data acquisition systems. 

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