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The Technavance Solution

Patrice Brassard, PhD

Laval University

"The after-sales service is fabulous and Nathan and the team are very approachable to answer all our technical questions."

Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP) Chambers

Technavance's Standard Lower Body Negative Pressure Chamber (LBNP) empty and from the front corner
Technavance's Premium Lower Body Negative Pressure Chamber (LBNP), shown from the side

Plantar Flexion Ergometer

Technavance's Plantar Flexion Ergometer- Side View

Knee Extension Ergometer

Technavance's Knee Extension Ergometer (KEE), shown from the front corner

Baro Chamber

BC 1000 (A).jpg

If you have questions about any of our existing products OR need innovative, customized research solutions, please inquire!

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