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Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP) Chamber

Technavance offers seven different LBNP chamber models. These models share basic features but differ in chamber size, pressure control, and tilt capabilities.

LBNP Chamber Models & Features

Download the chart here:

LBNP Chamber Models 1xxx

LBNP Chamber Models 2xxx

Shared Basic Features

*These features are shared across all LBNP chamber models*

  • Lockable castors for easy movement and storage

  • Transparent and easily removable side panels

  • Adjustable front entry to accommodate subject size variability​​

  • Motorized, adjustable seat for participant stability and proper placement in chamber

  • Top gland plate for cable/tubing entry and exit

  • Chamber stress tested to -120 mmHg

  • Rigid aluminum framing for stability and safety

  • Analog output for pressure data

Add-On Features

*These are specific to the LBNP models*

  • LBNP 1xxx

    • Support cushion for use with existing subject bed

  • LBNP 2xxx

    • Integrated foldable armrests

    • Ergometer attachment modification

Advanced Capabilities

*See the "LBNP Chamber Models & Features" document*

  • Manual pressure control

    • Pressure in chamber controlled manually via a lever

    • Equipped with a digital touch screen display

  • Automated Pressure Control

    • User-friendly operating software

    • Ability to perform fully automated protocols (i.e. ramp, oscillations, step, etc)

    • High accuracy and repeatability

    • Hands-free operation​

  • Integrated subject bed

  • ​Enlarged chamber to accommodate ergometer​ (ergometer not included)

  • Automated, motorized head-up tilt control

    • 0 to 65 degree head-up tilt

    • Abort kill switch for rapid down​​

  • Automated, motorized head-up AND head-down tilt control

    • 0 to 65 degree head-up tilt

    • 0 to -15 degree head-down tilt

    • Abort kill switch for rapid down​​

  • Automated, motorized head-down tilt control

    • 0 to 60 degree head-down tilt

A LBNP chamber is commonly used to investigate hemodynamic, military and aerospace-related research questions. The application of negative pressure to the lower body leads to the translocation of blood from the central cavity to the periphery; essentially decreasing central blood volume similar to that which occurs during acute hemorrhage, orthostasis, and acceleration. The Technavance Solution provides researchers with a wide range of options to customize this well-established apparatus for such investigations. In addition to an economical entry-level system, custom configurations incorporating an integrated bed, motorized tilt options and fully-automated pressure control capabilities are also available. Large capacity chambers for integrated ergometers and are also offered. User-friendly software, provided with automated systems, provides the additional feature of enabling investigators to fully customize vacuum test protocols.

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