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Knee Extension Ergometers

Technavance offers two models of the Knee Extension Ergometer (KEE). The KEE 1000 supports unilateral exercise only. The KEE 2000 supports both bilateral and unilateral exercise.


  • Dimensions:

    • 55" L x 40" W x 66" H

  • Rigid aluminum framing for stability and safety

  • Lockable castors for easy movement and storage

  • Right and left leg compatible

  • Seat and crank arm adjustments to facilitate a wide range of subject sizes

  • Seat tilt from 0 to 90 degrees

  • Adjustable arm and foot rests

  • Variable work rate

  • Eight analog outputs for interfacing with data acquisition systems

  • Easy to use software interface

    • Fully customizable display

  • Audible and visual cadence target​ to aid in subject compliance

  • Measured variables include:

    • Force

    • *Cadence

    • *Rate of Work

    • *Technique Assessment Factor (TAF)

    • Total Work Accumulated

    • Elapsed Time

            *Instantaneous or Cycle Averaged

The Knee Extension Ergometer is used extensively to investigate muscle physiology research questions, specifically the peripheral limitations to maximal oxygen consumption such as impaired endothelial-dependent vasodilation, fiber atrophy, capillary rarefaction, compromised metabolism, and more. The Technavance Solution incorporates a NIST-traceable calibrated load cell, optical encoder, magnetic switch and photomicrosensors to provide highly accurate measurements of a wide range of parameters in such investigations. The system’s user-friendly customizable control software reports both instantaneous and average measurements of rate of work, force, cadence and efficiency, as well as elapsed time and completed revolutions. The user interface also provides both visual and audio feedback to ensure optimal subject compliance. Results can be exported from the software or fed directly into third-party data acquisition systems.

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