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The Technavance Team

Technavance is a small, family-owned business that manufactures innovative, state-of-the-art physiology research solutions. Physiology researchers spend decades learning about physiology; a focus that leads to expertise in physiology but not in engineering. For researchers leading in their respective fields this leaves institutional engineering departments or custom engineering firms their only options for novel and innovative instrumentation. Both options share the same challenges - high cost and a lack of relevant expertise. Technavance solves this problem! Collectively, our expertise encompasses areas of cardiovascular, space, and exercise physiology along with physics, engineering, and math. This combined skill set renders us uniquely capable of customizing instruments and software to provide leading-edge physiology research instruments at the lowest prices available on the market. By focusing our engineering resources on these niche technologies, we develop strong expertise in each of the methodologies we support. Our mission is to connect great engineering to great science thereby enabling the next generation of physiology research, today.

Michelle Harrison- Head Shot

Michelle Harrison, Ph.D.



Nathan Harrison- Head Shot

Nathan Harrison, B.A.


Technical Sales & Support Specialist

(512) 299-1151

Curtis Harrison- Head Shot

Curtis Harrison. M.Sc.


Software Engineer

Technavance is a proud partner of the...

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